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Frequently Asked Questions    
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Q.What does Multi-Fuel mean?
A. Stoves can either be Wood-burning or Multi-Fuel. With Multi-Fuel all fuels such as briquettes, turf, dry seasoned timber can be burnt. Smokeless coal which is designed for glass fronted appliances is also suitable (house coal is not recommended).

Q.How can I stop the glass from staining/smoking up?
A. All stoves have an air wash system which creates a curtain of air between the fire and the glass. This washes away the chemicals which would otherwise stick to the glass, helping to keep the doors relatively clean.

Q.What size of stove do I need?
A. Send us the size of the area that you need to heat and we will work out the amount of kilowatts required to heat your room.

Q.Do I need to fit a flue liner inside my chimney?
A. It is always recommended that you line your chimney when installing a stove. This does help your stove work more efficiently. Also, if you live in an old house where the existing flue may be damaged it is imperative to your heatlh to fit a flue liner.

Q.Can I heat radiators with my stove?
A. We supply stoves which can heat from 2 to 20 radiators and provide hot water, depending on which model of stove suits your house.

Q.Can I see a stove working?
A. Yes, in our showroom we have up to 10 working models.

Q.Can the doors be left open while burning?
A. For safety and heat efficiency the doors should remain closed at all times.

Q.Do stoves require a chimney?
A. All multi fuel and wood burning stoves require a suitable chimney.

Q.How do I clean the chimney?
A. You will require a chimney sweep to clean the chimney. It is best to provide a dedicated chimney cleaning sootbox.

Q.Can I put a stove into my sunroom if I don't have a chimney?
A. In some situations yes you can but this will on depend on the situation of the particular room. In order for us to give each customer the correct advice we would recommend that you deal directly with a member of our customer sales team.

Q.Are there hotplate options available?
A. Hotplate options are available on the Bayard solid fuel stove.

Q.How do I regulate the heat output?
A. Depending on which stove you have, you will either have a damper (primary air), thermostat or spin valve, which will allow you to easily regulate the heat output.


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